You can only have great teams when you nurture courage and bravery in people.

By Michael Nunes | Chief Creative Officer at Monday

“With high trust, success comes faster, better, and at a lower cost.” David Neeleman

To help you on your journey of building a true culture of trust I’m going to share an exercise about self-reflection that we did here at Monday.

Step 1 — List every aspect of your identity

The best way to start the exercise is with the phrase “I am_______________”

Step 2 — Unpack identities with your team

After having written down their lists, everyone shares their identities with the group. To make it easier, invite each one individually to present their identity aspects. Try to start with someone more at ease with talking in groups, it helps break the ice. After each person presented their list, guide a discussion around what elements of their identities people shared and what they omitted (some may have been purposefully or unconsciously).

Step 3 — Unveil your undisclosed identities

In this part of the exercise, think about which identities you tend to shelter or hide, and which of them you already brought into your work context.

Step 4 — Unpack identities with your team

Repeat step two. After writing your undisclosed identities share them with your group. This step will feel uncomfortable at first but remember — the goal is to build trust among your team, therefore creating a space where it’s safe to be your full self at work.

Exercise suggestions

  • Have a time frame to write in step 1 and step 3. Normally, I give them 10 to 15 minutes. This helps everyone focus, while also giving them time to really think about who they really are.
  • Be positive and embrace all hard topics that can emerge, especially in the third step.
  • You can unpack identities in a group or separate them into pairs. Personally, I like to unpack them to all the group participants, as it helps to put everyone on the same page.

Extra info

If you want to learn more about this exercise, I advise you to follow Keith’s Yamashita. You can find the original exercise article here: You can even find a podcast about this Self-Reflection Activity.

More about Keith Yamashita:

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