What makes me love Monday(s)

By Diogo Romão| CEO and Managing Partner at Monday

Monday was born more than 12 years ago. First of June 2006 was the day. And the truth is that still today, I feel like it’s day one. Every Sunday evening I feel excited to have another Monday starting soon. Because every Monday means the beginning of a new week and new possibilities. New things to achieve and to thrive for. Mondays are great.

But all this feeling comes from a deep understanding that we can never stop reinventing ourselves and rethinking what, how and most importantly why. And this constant questioning and mindset are what keeps us in a never-ending startup mode. And the truth is that this is also what assures we continue to grow, the certainty that if we don’t behave like this, we’ll cease.

Growth doesn’t have to be directly related to more people, projects or even more clients.

People grow when they learn more, when they experience more, when they share more and when they are empowered to take control and be part of the whole by truly impacting the way we do things. Building the right culture comes from everyone.

Projects grow in a way that they are today, more than ever, actually focused on impacting business, nothing else really matters. And so they grow sooner, together with our clients, with our clients’ clients, and a stronger foundation is built for the project to strive and make a real difference.

Clients grow in a way that our knowledge of the business and our relationship with them has never been so real and so true. And we believe the feeling goes both ways :)

The positioning we have today defined as a Business Design Consultancy focused on Business and Experience Design started shifting from the Digital Marketing Agency positioning around two years ago.

It all started with an office change from a four-wall open-space office in a well-known business tower to an international co-working space downtown.

We needed to have new perspectives, to see things differently, to breathe things differently and to ultimately behave and think differently.

This started impacting projects, clients, and of course ourselves. By being in a different environment, we began to ask ourselves lots of obvious questions. Why do we store so much paper? Why do we use this software? Do we really need to have all these servers in our office? How can we make sure we have a clean desk workplace? How can we work differently? Remotely? What can we offer differently to our clients? What are we really good at? What are we not good at? What do our clients really want? And lots of other questions.

We got out of our comfort zone (we usually don’t stay in comfort zones very long) and started to change from within. We applied several processes of design thinking and business design frameworks and methods to analyse and restructure our entire business. With these processes, we found things that nobody really cared about. And things clients wanted us to offer. Amongst others, we were already doing well :)

This gave us a real sense of power and a clear vision. We had no doubt on the path we should take.

We started reshaping our team leaving all core know-how in-house and setting up a stable worldwide network that allows us to scale when we want, in all areas, like Business Design and Experience.

We also changed the way we do projects. Every project now starts with simple questions. Why do you really need this? What is the real goal for this project? Will it impact your business in some way? The right way? And we work to get this answers through business design processes and workshops in co-creation with our client and their clients. The results are really great and actually lead to another question: how is it possible that we didn’t do things like this in the past?

One side effect of this is the huge impact this has on ourselves inside Monday. Everyone has a different perspective on the project and a real reason for it. Everyone is much more empowered to make things work, to make things perfect. It’s like the project is actually ours, and we want it to work and to be a success more than anything.

And of course, our clients started to change with us as well by gaining a clearer perspective on what, how and why things should be done. For a full spectrum of different needs, whether it was for having a stronger basis for a strategic decision, to launch a disruptive marketing campaign, to totally remake their product UX/UI, to develop an innovative digital platform or to find what could be done to increase lead conversions.

This happened to existing clients as well as for new clients. We got to know our clients and their businesses better than ever before, and they understood and saw many things more clearly. Some already familiar with this kind of approaches, others less experienced. But the outcome was pretty much the same for all after going through our business design process: it was worth it.

Everyone (including us) gained an understanding that they never had before. From the business, the gains, and the pains. Lots of insights not even related to the digital area, but impacting the business anyhow. And that is what matters, to find the real need for what will be done.

It gives us an immense joy and sense of purpose to know that we found true meaning for a project but mostly we helped our client feel the same.

This is why I enjoy Monday(s). We love to make changes, to transform ourselves, our business and our clients. And it all begins on Monday(s). Every week.

The article was written on a Sunday evening. Watch out, new Monday coming up.🚀

Thank you for reading

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Monday is a Business Design Consultancy based in sunny Lisbon. We believe in the power of brands and we work side by side with our clients transforming their customer experience. This core philosophy stands at the center of everything we create. Clients include: Snickers, Red Bull, Twix, Philips, M&M’s, Guloso…

We co-create with ambitious leaders to build better businesses. We use strategy & design to transform businesses from within.

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