Design Tools for Monday 🧰

Welcome to Design Tools for Monday. This is our first design tools roundup. Here we show what tools we’ve been using for the past years and some we’ve been exploring recently.

1. Rotato

Design Camera is an app for Mac users. It’s a simple app to create and capture your designs into an animated 3D mockups. There isn’t any toll so quick as Design Camera. And of course it’s simple, this app is made by Morten Just from Google.

2. Shotsnapp

Simple and quick. shotsnapp is a web-based tool that lets you create beautiful device mockup images to show off your mobile app or website either using your design file or screenshots.

3. Flowbase

Webflow is a professional design & development tool for building and deploying responsive websites and products.

4. Interfacer

Who doesn’t love free resources to speed up any project? Interfacer is just that resources a click away.

5. CoolHue Sketch Plugin

Right there by your side and in Sketch. CoolHue is the Coolest handpicked Gradient Palette and Swatch for your next super amazing stuff.

6. Blobmaker

This is our new favorite. Ever needed to created one of those blobs? Blobmaker it the perfect tool for making quick and easy blobs. Just save it on one of your tabs, you will love it.

7. InVision

I believe this one doesn’t need any presentation. We just can’t live without it for some years.😎

8. Zeplin

We make Zeppelin words our own words. “We believe designers and developers should always work together to build products that delight users all the way from idea to production.”

9. Overflow

At its core, Overflow focuses on three main benefits, syncing designs, designing beautiful user flows, and presenting them the most efficient and engaging way possible.

10. Unsplash

Make something awesome. For us, they are getting better and better and providing the best photography out there. And above all, for free. :)

For now, that’s all folks! Stay tuned for the next round of tools.🤓 🧰

Hope you guys enjoy these tools as we did.

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