Design Tools for Monday 🧰

Welcome to Design Tools for Monday. This is our second round of design tools. Here we show what tools we’ve been using or new ones we discovered for the past months. Here’s what’s on the menu:

Slack is more than a chat. It’s one of the most used tools for communicating with others in the digital world.

You can chat directly with someone or create specific conversation channels. Also, it allows you to send files and integrates effortlessly with many design platforms.

Slack has a dedicated app page with bots and plugins that you can install to improve your work.

It’s a Slack app for scheduling events.

We use Eventbot Calendar a lot to schedule our meetings and weekly home office days.

You can create and name an event, receive notifications and integrate with your calendar.

Google Docs is a universal tool.

In one place you have the equivalent of Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Calendar, and they are all for free.

You can use it in all areas of your work, to integrate work and personal schedules such as holidays and anniversaries, to do team office management, to write text documents and make your own presentations. Also, you can receive notifications into your smartphone.

4. Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage service. It’s a place online where you can store all your documents and expand the capacity of your hard drive. You can share folders with others and restrict access to specific functions.

If you have a Gmail account you have 15GB for free.

Trello is an online platform to organize your workflows and tasks just for you or between your teammates.

It’s very easy to create and edit boards and to drag and drop them. Besides that, if you use Jira, Slack, Invision, Google Drive and other apps, it’ll be a boost for your workflow because Trello can integrate with them.

With Todoist you can organize your life through tasks in a daily timeline and receive reminders to keep you in charge. You can even track your productivity with graphics that give you all the information about what you are doing and it also synchronizes everything with your devices.

WeTransfer is the best way to send files to anyone and one of the most useful tools around the world that allow you to share up to 2GB for free (for each upload).

Simply upload your file(s), choose your destination email and that’s it!

Fontbase has the capability to use all web fonts without installing them.

It’s very useful for teams that share editable documents; even clients are adopting it.

If you don’t have a specific typeface, just install Fontbase, turn it on and magically solve all your problems.

“iOS Res” is a very useful website for designers that shows all iDevice resolutions on the market. You have access to all specifications, such as logical resolutions and equivalences for iOS devices that helps you to create better digital designs.

If you are a creative director, designer, copy editor, developer, consultant or even a community manager, you can Usepanda, literally!

You can access the most relevant and useful websites for your specific purposes all in one location. You can personalize new browser tabs the way you want, with the information you want.

Dribbble, Awwwards, Medium, CSS-Tricks, Smashing Magazine, Wired, and many, many other great sources.

For now, that’s all folks! Stay tuned for the next round of tools.🤓 🧰

Hope you guys enjoy these tools as we did.

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Monday is a Business Design Consultancy based in sunny Lisbon. We believe in the power of brands and we work side by side with our clients transforming their customer experience. This core philosophy stands at the center of everything we create. Clients include: Snickers, Red Bull, Twix, Philips, M&M’s, Guloso…

We co-create with ambitious leaders to build better businesses. We use strategy & design to transform businesses from within.

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