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June is a very important month for us at Monday: not only do we celebrate our birthday, but we also take the time to focus on making the world a better place. As you probably know, this is LGBTQIA+ awareness month — in celebration of the Stonewall riots in Manhattan, 1969, a defining moment in the Gay Liberation Movement in the US and, of course, now celebrated in various parts of the globe.

As a company, we’re dedicated to bringing people together, allowing every single person to be who they are…

By Jesse Viana | UX Copywriter at Monday

Uncertainty means lack of control, shortage of answers, worrying about the future — and isn’t it what we’ve been feeling for, at least, the past year?

Now that one stops to think about it, it’s been an entire lap around the sun since we’ve endured the arrival of the new coronavirus and the world pandemic for the first time.

Social distancing, lockdowns, entire cities looking apocalyptically deserted, face masks, hand sanitizer, the crippling fear of the virus coming to our households and loved ones… Gee, it ain’t been easy, let me tell…

By Jesse Viana | UX Copywriter at Monday

Have you ever stopped to think about words for a minute? They are everywhere — look around for a bit. Anywhere you look, online or offline, they are just so present that you often don’t even notice them being there. And that’s great! It means that they are doing their job of instructing, explaining, directing, and guiding us through physical and virtual journeys.

When you think about apps, websites, interfaces, and everything in between, could you imagine them being wordless? Words give them meaning, give them clarity, and empower them with context…

By Jesse Viana| UX Copywriter at Monday

All around the design world, we often read the terms UX and UI close together — and the same way they coexist and complement each other, they also exist separately. Don’t worry, the line can be fuzzy, and the confusion is normal! But we’re here to help you get the full picture like a pro. By the end of this article, you’ll master the similarities, the differences, and how they work together.

Let’s start now, shall we?

User Experience (UX)

The name itself has the most important word: the user, who is in…

By Margarida Medina Costa | Project Manager at Monday

Before joining Monday, I never thought my career would go through learning to code. I’ve always had an interest and a passion for technology, from playing computer games to loving the new features on the latest mobile phone.

Last year, I started working more closely with developers, which made me understand, in a deeper way, some skills I already had — probably built by the passion that led me here.

Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you just want to pursue a career in the 21st…

By Michael Nunes | Chief Creative Officer at Monday

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How to build trust and an atmosphere of bravery has always been a concern for me. In all my years working in design, and from my recent perspective as a CCO, I believe that people need to feel comfortable around their coworkers.

If we put it in perspective, we spend more time with our coworkers and fellow colleagues than with our families.

This is a reality, and it’s our responsibility to build a culture where people can be their true selves.

Even research shows that diverse teams outperform non-diverse teams by…

By Jesse Viana| Copywriter & Community Manager at Monday

Ever since I got into school, I’ve been a word-person, almost as if by nature. I love to write, no matter what format it may be (and, you know, there’s just something about numbers… they can be so confusing). Exactly for this reason, I’ve been following the writing path — from journalism to content writing — which, inevitably, lead me here, working as a (beginner) copywriter.

Recently, I have been introduced to both UX Writing and Microcopy, and since I never worked on that before, I took my time to try…

Who doesn’t like to read some good old books? Our team can’t live without them, so we created this article to show you what has been on our bedside table — or even on our desk.

But more than just showing you our reads, we want you to know what these books represent to us, and their impact on how (or why) we think. In a simple way, we want to walk you through what helps us being, well… US!

So, without further ado, here are our eight recommendations:

By Nuno Sobrinho | Business Designer at Monday

How often do we feel, across the week, we’re running out of time? No time to pick up the kids, no time to finish that task, or to reach the meeting or simply no time to sleep a bit more. How frustrated do we feel about this? Or anxious about consequences that might result in not having another slot? If this is familiar to you, we have something in common, somehow in a moment of a day, somehow during the week. I feel you, and that links us in a certain way…

By Michael Nunes | Chief Creative Officer at Monday

I’ve been working on user experience for a decade now, and there’s one question I get asked a lot: how can one shift their career to a UX design role? And it’s not only designers asking this, but a lot of project managers, engineers, or even marketers, who also want to get hands-on UX Design.

Personally, this gets me excited. The more different backgrounds entering and wanting to know more about design, the more it will enhance our transformation and capabilities to help people, businesses, and our community.

In this article…


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